Complete with practical examples and tips, this book shares Elaine Swann's advice on the perils of what she calls “Crazy Folk.” Whether in our professional environments or family and personal relationships, they exist. Swann gives sensible guidance on:

    How to identify Crazy Folk,
    How to get rid of toxic Crazy Folk and
    How to deal with the Crazy Folk in situations where we have no choice, such as at work, in volunteer organizations and with family members.

This book is perfect guide to help you avoid appearing like Crazy Folk too. Learn about the strategic approaches you can take to use proper etiquette when communicating with others. From using the right words and tactics to politely get what you want, to firmly yet sensitively getting your point across, to just plain ol’ putting rude people in their place, these are tips on how you can to do it with grace and style.

With 36 simple steps, Let Crazy Be Crazy gives you a roadmap on just how to handle those awkward social challenges that people from all walks of life face every day, including:

    How to get the rude person at the ballpark to settle down,
    How to gently say “no” when asked to donate money or time,
    How to respectfully tell a co-worker their breath smells bad,
    What to say when someone’s loved one dies and
    How to deal with rude comments from family members.