Airplane Travel Etiquette

Before You Go

  1. Be Prepared. This includes having your ID and passport up-to-date. Packing weather specific clothing, and bring snacks for your children and yourself. Be especially sure to bring snacks along if you have special dietary needs.

  2. Dress Neat and Comfortably. 30 years ago folks dressed up to fly, today people schlep on board airplanes looking as if they've just rolled out of bed. Dress nicely so that you arrive at your destination half-way-decent. You might even be able to get that up grade to First Class if you look the part.

  3. If You can’t Lift it – Check It. Test lifting your bag over your head, if you are unable to lift it, then plan to check it or take some items out. You’ll avoid paying extra for the bag, and flight attendants are not permitted to left bags for customers.

At the Airport

  1. Arrive Early, Anticipate Delays. Since the events on September 2001 much has changed, so be prepared to wait in longer lines to get through security.

  2. Follow the Rules. Wait your turn when boarding, turn off your cell phone and portable electronic devices just do as you are asked and you’ll have a pleasant flight.

On the Plane

  1. Overhead bins are Community Property. The space just above your seat does not have your name on it. Just place your bag wherever it can fit and sit down. Don’t freak out if the flight attendant has to rearrange your bag to accommodate others.

  2. Don’t be an Annoyance to Fellow Passengers. Greet the person next to you but keep conversation brief. If you don’t want to engage in further conversation, just excuse yourself to sleep, read, work, or whatever. Be mindful of the loudness of earphones etc.

  3. Be Mindful of Bodily Functions, Noises and Functions. Watch what you eat before you board. Passing gas is a big NO, NO. If you know that you snore then bring along breathing strips.