Become a Swann'bassador


People who “Swann” love all things etiquette want to get more involved. The Swann’bassador program is a way for Swann'rs to connect with us at SwannHQ, while helping with different grassroots marketing initiatives and more. They represent the SwannBuzz in their cities & communities and help us grow through word of mouth. They brainstorm with our team on new ideas, give feedback, and get some sneak peeks along the way. They become our interns and partners. Oh, and they get Swann Swag.

Spread the word about the SwannBuzz in your community, campus, network, family, those random Facebook friends… use a unique link that gives you credit for signing people up

Wear Swann Swag around town

Give feedback and brainstorm with SwannHQ

Attend and help organize Sip & Swann events to connect with other local Swann’bassadors

Get some birthday love

Swag on swag. Go wild. Tote your Swann bag and rock your shirt, while typing on your Swann-cased phone, sipping out of your Swann mug. This is the occasion we encourage lots of selfies.

First notice on Swann news and launches,

VIP entrance to viewing and launch parties.

You'll get to meet up with other Swann'bassadors in your city on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and in person at local meetups.

You'll receive cool stuff from my brand partners.


Follow and share, share, share!  You’ll get inside information on what’s coming up next. But we need you to FOLLOW me on my social media platforms and SHARE what we post with your tribe.

Sign our NDA. That’s our non-disclosure agreement. You’ll be the first to know about new things. Many times, I’m under contractual obligation to NOT speak publicly about matters until it’s time. I need to trust you to do the same. I’m serious about our business and I don’t want to work with individuals who cannot follow directions.

 You’ll be placed on our SwannBuzz newsletter list. It’s a once a month newsletter that shares valuable etiquette tips and tells the world about the cool things happening at SwannHQ.

Use your personal link to get 10 new Swann'rs on board to receive our SwannBuzz newsletter. We’ll send you a personalized link and you can start sharing the #SwannBuzz. Here’s where you’ll receive some serious Swann Swag!

Email to get more info, ask questions, give suggestions. Know someone who should be a Swann’bassador? Email us to nominate them.

Ready to get started? Click on the link below and let's do this!