End of Summer Tipping Guide

Tip those who helped make your summer enjoyable.

Helped with your children. 

  1. Camp Counselor - A small gift from your child, remember most camp counselors are NOT permitted to accept gifts.

  2. Daily Babysitter - A small gift from your child plus one day or evenings pay.

Helped with your home. 

  1. Pool Cleaner - The cost of one visit or $20 to $50

  2. Gardener - The cost of one visit or $20 to $50

Helped you while you were out and about. 

  1. Resort/Time Share/ Hotel Maid Service - $2 to $5 per day

  2. Resort/Time Share/ Hotel Concierge - ordinary requests $3 to $5. Complex requests $10 or more.

  3. Golf or Tennis Instructor - If taking consistent lessons, the cost of one private session

  4. Caddy pool or - Men in the Backroom - $50 to $100. Regular Caddie, the normal fee for one round.

  5. Dock Attendant - $20 to $50