Engaging in Good Small Talk

How to Engage in Good Small Talk

Talking to people you've just met, or don't know very well, can be challenging. It's important that you know what is appropriate to say, when to say it, and how to use your voice effectively.

The following information will be helpful in your growth as a good communicator. 


Listen to what the other person is saying so you'll learn something about them. Don't just wait for the individual to finish speaking just so you can get your word in. It's important to actually engage in conversation which requires listening and then responding to what was actually being said.

Exercise Caution in Conversation    

Avoid political, religious, or lifestyle issues unless the group is of the same demographic. Be careful when it comes to special causes too. Sometimes there can be some really hot button issues that people are passionate about yet really at odds over. Examples would be Stem Cell Research, Same-Sex Marriage, and Legalization of Marijuana to name a few.