SDABJ Scholarship Awards Reception

"Extra" host Jon Kelley, me and my hot hubby Chris Swannn


I'm up super duper late because... well I just can't sleep! Nevertheless I had a pretty good weekend for the most part. I recently joined the San Diego Association for Black Journalists. I attended our major event which is a yearly scholarship reception. It was really fantastic! My dear husband Chris Swann performed and I had the opportunity to network with some awesome folks. The event was well planned and executed. We all chipped in and did our part. Great people to work with I'm honored and proud to be a member!

Oh yes!
Jayne McClinton (the Executive Producer of NBC 7/39 Morning news) received the member of the year award. She is a sweetheart and she sooooo deserves it!

The FABULOUS Lorrie Jordan was the MC (reporter on NBC 7/39) I'll always thank her for plucking me out of the mass line for Martha Stewart Apprentice, interviewing me on-air, which is what kicked off my relationship with NBC).

And Jon Kelley was the guest speaker. He was kind humorous and down-to earth. Good guy, great insight very humble.

All in all it was great!

Be Glam!