Women In Business Symposium

Me trying to get my Diva on with the wide belt look.

The Elaine Show was a media sponsor for the "Women In Business Symposium" that took place at the Del Mar Fair Grounds. Here I am at our booth. This was an AWESOME event where all sorts of female entreprenure came together to share, network, create new relationships. All of the speakers were great and I had a blast!!

This is Robin Jay author of "The Art of the Business Lunch.

She's been a guest on our radio show, she was fun. Robin and I have kept in touch and it's she who plugged me in to the WIB Symposium Conference. Thanks Girl!!!!

This is Makeup Artist and Beauty Consultant Karol Young Moses

Talk about Fab!!! This girl really knows her stuff!!! Karol has been my personal makeup artist for years... she brought me out of the stone ages when all I would wear is red lipstick and black eyeliner. Karol worked my booth with me on this day. Thanks honey!!

Ok.... so "you-know-who" had to show up at some point in time!!!

My husband is soooooo wonderful. He came early to help me set up our booth and audio & visual equipment and then again later to help break it down. Gotta love him!!!