Live Free or Die Hard

So last night I went to a screening of Live Free or Die Hard. Ok, so as we know, in most cases it's difficult for a film to come back with a decent sequel but how about coming back for the 4th installment? Quite a feat huh? And a bit scary I must say. Especially when you have an actor that was/is such huge mega star. I mean, how does one go about creating the same fire? Well I have to tell you, the fourth (and I think... who knows) final installment of the Die Hard films really surprised me.

The story was great (kinda freaky though for those folks who like to copy cat). I'm glad there was an actually a story meshed in with the shoot 'em up bang, bang, blow stuff up thing. Yeah, some of the stuff was a bit over the top but hey that's what Hollywood is all about, over the top stuff. The kid in the move was really funny because he was such a dork (movie makers and real folks just can't help making fun of the dork). And kudos to Bruce Wills for being brave enough to er... go commando... with his hair I mean. He didn't shame the "Beautiful Bald Men Club" by trying to cover it up. Ha!! Great story, great flick!

Go see Live Free or Die Hard, it's worth the $7, $8, or $10 bucks (snacks not included).