Hang up and Drive! - Cadillac STS

Best Feature: Voice Command System
Worst Feature: Needs a bigger gas tank
Techno Features?: Um yes!! Lot's of them
Girl Friendly?: Yes
Trunk Space?: Oh yeaaaah!
# Of folks I saw that need to Hang Up and Drive!: 7

My Take: Okay so this car was SUPER high tech honey!! Anything more and the car would drive itself...okay just kidding. But really, this car had amazing features that were really great for any business person (that means guys and girls) as well as everyday individuals.The main thing that kept running through my mind as I drove this car was "Safe". I really felt safe in this car. Even something as simple as changing lanes this car gave me that "safe" feeling. You see there's an alert system that lets you know when someone is in your blind spot. A little car icon illuminates in the side view mirror. Perfect! also there's a lane departure warning system. You'll hear a ding sound and an icon will flash on the dashboard if you begin to cross over from the lane you're driving in. The rear parking assist? Fabulous!! the beep, beep sound is a super help. Can you say "safe" honey? The voice command system is a great feature that helps you keep your hands on the wheel. Oh and speaking of the wheel, it heats up too! I could go on and on, this car has a ton of safety features and a whole bunch of bells and whistles. Loves it!!!

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