Hang Up and Drive! - Saab 9-3

Best Feature: GREAT on gas
Worst Feature: The turn signal sound was annoying - clack, clack, clack, clack, clack!
Techno Features?: Does the digital clock count?... Well Okay it does have XM radio
Girl Friendly?: Yes
Trunk Space?: Yep, good deal

No. of folks I saw that need to HANG UP their cell phones AND DRIVE?:

My Take: This car is fast!!! So when the drivers pulled up to deliver this car I was shocked when I opened my door. I had looked for pictures of this car on the Internet and cold not find any. So relying on my memory, I was expecting to see this angular Saab that I was so used to seeing in past years but I was met with a sleeker, sexy version which absolutely thrilled me.

Okay so there aren't a lot of bells and whistles with the high tech stuff, but this car is GREAT on gas. And boy is it fast! I love the way this car handled. You can really punch it and stay in control. It's scary because if yo don't watch your self you could easily go waaaaay over the speed limit!

This is a real ...shall I say Crazy, Sexy, Cool car. Gotta dig it!