21 Preview and after part at Hard Rock Hotel

We went to see the preview of the film 21 starring Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess and Kate Bosworth. It's a fact based story about a small group of MIT students who were trained by their teacher to count cards which led them to win millions in Las Vegas. My husband Chris who is a too-smart-for-me engineer by trade, he dug the whole numbers thing but became bored after a while. For me, I enjoyed the movie however, with certain aspects of the film I could tell exactly what would happen next (okay, so what to you think might happen if you hid your ill-gained $300,000 in the ceiling of your dorm room?).

Kevin Spacey was pretty darn good, loved how evil and butt kickin' Lawrence Fishbourne was and the kids did exactly what was expected of young un's today. I'd say this film was a bit predictable yet enjoyable. Go see it!!
Me and my hubby Chris hugged up at the after party which took place at the Hard Rock Hotel in Downtown San Diego.