Hang Up and Drive- Saturn Sky

Best Feature: Sporty, great looking, head-turning car.
Worst Feature: Hmmmm still thinking
Techno Features?: XM Satalite Radio, OnStar
Girl Friendly?: Girl friendly heck yeah it's a guy magnet
Trunk Space?: No but who needs it when you roll like this?

My Take:First, this car is fast, super fast. Sits low, hugs the road, takes turns well. I just love it. Second it's just perfectly eye catching yet a very comfortable ride. This car is NOT for the soccer mom unless she's having a girls night out. Then if so they've both got to carry small purses. Because two glam girls plus two super big bags is a bit much for the space available in this sexy-mobile. Okay so not to leave guys out... it is a chick magnet too. This is definitely a 3rd or 4th car-in-the-driveway type of car. Oh unless you are single (and lovin' it) then this is the car for you. No little kiddies, no mega groceries, just get in and drive.

How many folks I saw that need to hang up and drive while I had this one? A whopping 24!!!

Check out the pics!
Even with the top up the car is fab.

Gotta love it!!

Ready to roll on out honey

Okay... so I jumped out for one last pose Fabu-Glam!!!