Cats take over San Deigo

Tonight I went to opening night of CATS here in San Diego. It's playing at the San Diego Civic Theater. Awesome show! spectacular music , dancing, strobe lights, cats, cats, and more cats.

Gotta say Tricia Tanguy who played GRIZABELLA ripped it when she sang MEMORY written by Trevor Young!! Loved it, the girl hit every note on point. That's not an easy song to sing but she was absolutely fab.

This was my first time seeing it but I did overhear two ladies talking and one said she'd seen it 19 years ago. Her comment - "There wasn't as much pelvic action back when I saw it 19 years ago". - Welcome to the millennium honey...

Looking for a puuuuuurfect nigh on the town June 3- 8, 2008? Go see CATS!!

ETIQUETTE EXPERT OPINION: Theater Etiquette - When going to and from your seat in a crowded theater simply say "Excuse Me" and wait for the others to let you pass. Ladies - hold onto your purses please. You don't want to injure anyone.