Sports Etiquette on Wealth TV

Yippeeeee! I was invited back to be a guest on Wealth TV's Etiquette 101 show. We taped my interview today in front of a green screen again.

This episode was all about sports etiquette. I gave my opinion on good sportsmanship, tennis etiquette, golf etiquette, and with my hubby being a surfer and all, I had to give my two cents on surf etiquette. We talked about much more but you'll have to see the piece when it comes out.

Etiquette Expert Opinion: A good sport always plays fair- and whether they win or loose they do so gracefully.

Here are some flicks from the shoot:

Last minute primping

Etiquette advice in action

Cool flick on how the green screen is being used

Producer Ginelle Padilla asking the tough questions

Me with Etiquette 1o1 Producer Ginelle Padilla