Internet Etiquette at Work

This city official in San Diego got in big trouble because he was on the Internet way too long at work. Plus he was downloading pics of Pamela Anderson and more. Basicially offending the nosey people who were looking over his shoulder.

So today I get a call from ABC 10 News to come in and guest on this evening's news to give my advice for Internet etiquette at work. I did, I was cool. Nice set, LOVED the lighting. Note to self...duplicate this lighting whane I get my own syndicated show.

Kimberly Hunt, Karol LeBeau, and me

Thanks 10 News!!!

Etiquette Expert Opinion: Computers at work should only be used - only before or after work hours. Lunchtime use is okay only if you are able to make it very clear to coworkers you are on break for lunch and not on company time. MORE

Waiting for my segment
Almost my turn up

There were no crew members, just one guy electronically operating all of the cameras. Wow..

See, there's the one guy (in the red).