You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!

Good night!!! I just don't know what to say about the behavior of some of these Olympic athletes. Cuba's Angel Matos gets disqualified for taking to much time out (which apparently is one of the rules of the game). So in his anger he kicks the referee in the face. Are you serious? Wow - "Poor Sport" is an understatement with this one.

Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian threw a hissy fit (as well as some sort of metal object) screamed at the Olympic Officials and still won a bronze medal for an earlier match. So he gets a medal for being the 3rd best in the world. What does he do? Snatches it off, flings it on the ground and walks away. Wha wha!

Yeah so both of the men were reprimanded. Matos was banned from pro Taekwando for life and Abrahamian got his medal snatched the heck back. But the images and the behavior now remain part of history - Olympic History that is. Great message you're sending out there guys. I mean I know it takes a all types to make up our would but I really expected more from these "professional" athletes. Good luck little leaguers and Pop Warner football players, you'r gonna need it.

Etiquette Expert Opinion: Good Sportsmanship starts with a good example from the parents. So to yo Parents out there, these kids cannot raise themselves. Take note:

  • Avoid shouting directions, shout words of encouragement.

  • Address any concerns with coaches or officials privately.

  • Don’t be so concerned about winning. More