You Have Got to Be Kidding Me- J Lo's Gold err... Dress

Now I don’t usually say too much about what celebs are wearing but I just couldn’t keep this one to myself. Jennifer Lopez really went to the left what the “golden dress” she wore to the Golden Globe Awards. One look and I immediately though of the green Versace number she wore back in her Diddy (Puffy, Puff Daddy) days. But that was several years and a set of twins ago.

Don’t get me wrong showing off one of her best assets (her beautiful skin folks) is definitely a plus. I believe if you’ve got it then flaunt it honey. But this dress was just a bit too naked. And although her body is definitely banging for a mommy of twins, one wrong twist or bad camera angle has her looking a little roly-poly around the middle. Not so hot (according to Hollywood starve yourself standards).

So after so many years of great hits on the red carpet she and her glam squad (I’m really wondering if any of her peeps told this girl NO) has literally pulled the rug out from under her. To the critics I don’t know which got more attention her dress or her wedding ring-less finger.

Oh, but you know what? Maybe this was all part of the plan – to get folks talking about her. If that’s the case then well done it worked!

Etiquette Expert Opinion:
Jen is a celebrity she can afford to make this fashion mistake while “at work”. Don’t try this at home honey. Heading to a work related event? Less is more – true. But less dress sometimes will equal a hot mess.