The 10-5 Rule

We encounter strangers daily, on your way to the mail box, while walking your dog, or when walking to your car. Yet for whatever reason we just pass one another by as though we're all non existent. This has got to stop!

Don't be so distracted by talking on your cell phone or so busy you're unable to share some cheer. We've got to start interacting and socializing with one another more often.

Here's a tip for those "passing by" moments.
Follow what I call the 10-5 rule for meeting and greeting.

If you make eye contact with someone within 10 feet of you, it's important that you at least acknowledge them with a nod or a smile.

At 5 feet, I suggest you say something-"Hello," or "Good morning".

That's pleasant, polite and simple enough. It really is nice to be nice!!