How to Handle Confrontation

With all of today's technology there are many ways to communicate with one another. There are almost too many ways when it comes to discussing serious matters. I have a few tips on how to confront an issue.

1) Address, Resolve, Forgive, and Move On! This should be your thought process going into the conversation you plan on having. If you only plan on confronting a situation to make the other person feel poorly, or you plan on holding a grudge there is no point in opening the dialogue.

2) Do not use text, email, instant message, or social media sites. The tone and emotion of what you are trying to get across may get misinterpreted as something completely different, which leads to the translation of your message getting lost.

3) Face to face should be done in private (unless safety is an issue.)

4)It is okay to use the telephone, but be sure to set aside real time to talk. Do not have the conversation while driving, at work, or around other people. Not only is this disrespectful to the person you are talking to, it is also rude to those around you.

5) Hand-written letters are a great start to opening up a verbal dialogue later.