Pregnancy Etiquette

I thought it might be a good time to share some pregnancy etiquette tips with the announcement of Beyonce's pregnancy. Just a few things America's Mom's to Be may have to deal with as their belly's grow.

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For the Mom's to Be
Tip 1: Tell loved one's before posting the news online.

Tip 2:Be mindful of how much information you share online-there are intimate details of pregnancy that you 400 Facebook friends do not really need to know.

Tip 3: Keep tabs on how much you talk about baby. Engage in other conversation as well.

For the loved one's
Tip 1: Let the Mom to Be share the good news, ask BEFORE you tell others.

Tip 2: Ask first, before touching her pregnant belly. Invasion of personal space is not usually appreciated.

Tip 3: Keep your horror stories to yourself. Expectant mothers are freaked out enough, they don't need any extra help.