Elaine Swann's 2nd Annual Savvy Soiree Inspiration Board

Hello, Friends!

      As we prepare for the launching of new ventures and the beginning of a new month here at Elaine Swann Enterprises, we are inviting you to join us in completing this quick anticipatory activity to kick-start the month of May. First, let's consider this guiding question: What inspires you to be your best self? Take a moment to really reflect on this question. Finally, you will need a journal or a sheet of paper for this last step: Jot down a list of ten things that inspired you during the month of April. Many of us are driven by our internal desires, with an increasing desire to understand our purpose. Yet some of us fail to consistently tap into our sources of inspiration.
      What is inspiration? We searched high and low for the best definition or thought-provoking quotes, and we eventually came across this definition - "The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something..." Fair enough. We believe the most powerful and meaningful definitions, however, are the anecdotal type; the touching stories about random people who inspire others through their words, ideas, and simple acts of kindness. It is in this spirit of inspiration that Elaine Swann donates her time to various organizations that positively impact the lives of young girls, one of which is Milestone House, a residential facility that services at-risk teen girls. (FYI... Milestone House will be featured in one of our upcoming blogs! Feel free to browse their website at www.milestonehouse.org.)
     Milestone House's sincere commitment to their mission and vision is commendable; we are inspired by the program's undeniable passion for transforming lives and by the young girls who are benefiting from the high quality services. On behalf of Elaine Swann, we are excited to announce that Milestone House is the beneficiary of Elaine Swann's 2nd Annual Savvy Soiree. This Mother-Daughter Tea is a FREE event and will convene May 26th at the Encinitas Community Center at 1:00 PM. We are anticipating a great turnout and working overtime to make this event an uplifting and enjoyable experience for our 50 mother-daughter guests.
      Friends, if you have been inspired to support this event, then join Elaine Swann's 2nd Annual Savvy Soiree Inspiration Board. Get involved with this great opportunity to gain exposure for your business, product, or service!
For more details, click the link: http://elaineswann.com/savvysoireecommittee.html
Additionally, you may also provide support in the form of: monetary donations, gift cards or certificates, and goody bag items for women and girls. We will appreciate monetary donations of any amount and in-kind donations of any quantity. Your tax-deductible gifts will be put to good use.

Be inspired,