Elaine Swann: Passion, Purpose, and Preparation

Hello, Friends!

      Excitement is in the air - Elaine Swann’s 2nd Annual Savvy Soiree is just ten days away. Elaine Swann is endeavoring to make this May 26th event successful, engaging, and even more impactful than the last. She is inspired to accomplish great things through this event and we are committed to helping Elaine achieve her goals.
      In the last blog, we discussed the importance of reflecting on your sources of inspiration, and taking time to consistently connect with things that inspire you to move beyond your comfort zones. Today, we are encouraging you to activate your “3 P’s” - purpose, passion, and preparation. How can you make this “rule of three” work for you on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis? To answer this question, let’s begin with a recent conversation that we had with Elaine.
      Elaine is a firm believer in intentional leadership, an approach that aligns one’s desired outcomes, core values, and purpose for an increase in results. She is an intentional leader. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Elaine Swann’s 2nd Annual Savvy Soiree is intentional. Elaine has a definite purpose in mind for this annual event. “I wanted to create an event that would bring mothers and daughters together outside of their normal environment,” she said. She realized that as young girls mature into teenagers, and develop personalities that are starkly different, mothers often find themselves in untenable positions. Figuratively speaking, the door slams, leaving some mothers contemplating, “What do I do now?” Elaine mentioned that she has great memories from time spent with her own daughter. “I have great memories of going out to dinner with her.” She added, “I would let her talk. During these times, I found out what was going on in her life.” She started with a purpose. Mission accomplished.
      There are many definitions that would perfectly define the word passion, but perhaps none greater than this: a compelling desire to do something because there is a need. Elaine stated that it was important to add a charity element to the Savvy Soiree. As aforementioned, on May 26th attendees will have an opportunity to make anonymous donations to Milestone House (FYI... Milestone House will be featured in our next blog! Feel free to browse their website at www.milestonehouse.org.) Why is she so passionate about the philanthropic aspect of the event? She responded, “I spend a lot of time with charities and recognize that every little bit makes a difference.”
      Finally, in addition to preparing for this year’s Savvy Soiree, Elaine has been consistent and sedulous in her planning towards the event’s long-term outcome; she already sees the end result. “I see the Tea growing in great size, going from a local venue to a huge convention center or hotel ballroom,” she said excitedly. “I see it involving hundreds of moms and daughters of all ages.” In the future, Elaine also hopes to involve other high powered individuals in the entertainment industry, featuring them as speakers or invited guests. The Savvy Soiree will always be free to the public and held after Mother’s Day.
      Friends, we hope that Elaine’s purpose, passion, and preparation has inspired you to activate the "3 P’s" in your life. Feel free to share your inspiring stories with us - we would love to hear from you! 
     In closing, as we indicated in the last blog, we would love for you to be a part of Elaine Swann's 2nd Annual Savvy Soiree Inspiration Board. Get involved with this great opportunity to gain exposure for your business, product, or service!
For more details, click the link: http://elaineswann.com/savvysoireecommittee.html
Additionally, you may also provide support in the form of: monetary donations, gift cards or certificates, and goody bag items for women and girls. We will appreciate monetary donations of any amount and in-kind donations of any quantity. Your tax-deductible gifts will be put to good use.

Be purpose-driven, passionate, and prepared!