Thank you Note Etiquette: 3 Simple Steps


Do you have thank you cards sitting around that you still have to write and send out to people? Do you keep putting it off as if it is some sort of homework assignment? If the answer is yes, I'd say you are most likely holding off because you just don't know what to write. The thing is you have to stop looking at writing thank you notes as if it is some sort of long drwan out research paper that you have to turn in.

A thank you note should be short sweet and simple and to the point. You can easily express your gratitude and sentiments in the very few words. You can write a perfect thank-you note in three simple steps.
1. Say Thank you
2. Name the gift.
3. Say something about the gift. Such as how you will use it, what you will do with it, or how it makes you feel?

And you're done! Here's an example:

Dear Sara,
Thank you for the gourmet coffee. I now have something to enjoy when I relax on Saturday mornings!
Love, Carina

Great! Now go get that stack of cards 'write' away write on!