Tips to Use When You are Working Out

1.     Wipe up your sweat from the exercise equipment.    

Research has shown that people have contacted communicable diseases such as rashes and ring worm from bacteria on exercise equipment. Be kind and take a moment to protect yourself as well as others by simply wiping the equipment.

2.     Return equipment to its proper place and/or back to the low setting. 

Just take a couple of extra steps to leave things organized for the next person. If you take out free weights, just put them back. If there are various settings on the equipment you’re using, be courteous and set it back to low.

3.     Don’t hog the machines. 

It’s important that you pay attention to people around you so that you are mindful of how long you are using each machine. This includes the cardio machines as well. If you’ve signed up to use specific equipment for a given time be sure you stick to it as a courteous to others.