What to do with all those Easter Eggs? ‘Devil’ them!

After all the chocolate bunnies have been devoured, now give them some protein! Here is a recipe for my deviled eggs that I often use when entertaining guests or having small evening at home with the family.



Recipe: Elaine’s Deviled Bacon and Eggs

1. Boil eggs

2. Fry bacon

3. Chop bacon into small bits and lay aside

4. Peel eggs. Keep them from being jagged by cracking the shell several times in water

5. Cut eggs lengthwise and lay them on paper towel to dry

6. Scoop out yolk into bowl

7. Mix mayonnaise, mustard, relish, together with yolk and black pepper

8. Mayonnaise and yolk should form a smooth consistency. Use fork to smooth out any remaining lumps after initial mixing.

9. Drop a teaspoon worth of mixture back into each egg white.

10. Place parsley and bacon bits on top of mixture

11. Chill and serve