Administrative Professionals' Day: In Honor Of The Unsung Heroes

Long nights in the office and pounding the pavement to make sure that your travel itinerary is in order should not go in vain. Administrative Professionals’ Day is April 26 and meant to honor those who put in the extra time and effort to ensure that daily business operations go as planned. Here are a few ways to find gifts that show support staff how much you appreciate them. 


Find Something They Would Enjoy

Make sure the gift is not too personal in nature. You want to avoid gifts such as body lotions and perfumes and stick with gifts that are less personal, such as books and planners.


Be Modest Regarding Pricing

A good starting point is $20. This amount tends to be the average price for gifts when you’re doing a gift exchange during the holiday season.


Buy Based On Effort

The more the person makes your life easier, the more you can give them. If, however, you have an office of multiple administrative assistants, then make sure it’s equal across the board.

Remember that the purpose of Administrative Professionals’ Day is to show support staff that you appreciate them. So whether you give them a day off, or a trinket of some sort, be sincere and make sure you show them gratitude; even if such regard is something as simple as a card.