The Baby Registry Rules: Tips When Having a Shower and Asking for Gifts

You’re expecting a child and want to share the pregnancy experience with loved ones. Although they may not be able to accompany you to the delivery room, family members and friends can celebrate the impending birth of your little one with a baby shower and gifts. Here are three tips to consider when preparing for the party and registry.

Tip #1: Go for what is economical

The idea of a registry is to give friends the opportunity to participate in this new chapter in life. You don’t want to put items on the list that are too expensive as this act could make loved ones who cannot afford the price tag of luxury feel bad. Consider your audience before crafting your registry and stick to items that are economically savvy.

Tip #2: Stay away from registry insert cards

You want guests to have liberality to choose if they want to abide by your registry. Including an insert card in the party’s invitation note makes them feel obligated to pick something off your guest list. Such is the reason why it is best to let news of your registry spread by word-of- mouth only.

Tip #3: Feel free to celebrate your second baby

Many do not believe it proper to hold a baby shower for baby number two. This thinking is ancient. There is nothing wrong with having a baby shower for your first and second born, especially if you know the new baby is of a different sex from the first…i.e. now time to buy boys clothes and items! The key is to make the second gathering more of a simple event. Consider having the bash at the park and placing emphasis on the miracle of birth and not on gifts. This focus will make family members and friends want to be a part of the party to celebrate your new baby!