Warning! Do Not Send Flowers For These Occasions

Whoever said that flowers are always appropriate doesn’t know the rules of etiquette. First thought… is the recipient allergic to roses, plants or certain flowers? Here are three times where sending roses and sunflowers are not in order.


Flowers show loved ones that you care, but edibles give them something to enjoy and even share. Sending a personalized cake or fruit arrangement is a better way to commemorate a friend’s birthday.

When a loved one is sick

The idea is for them to get well soon. Consider giving them healthy soup they like, a blanket, puzzle, favorite magazine or book, as such gifts will bring comfort and give them something to do during recovery.

Housewarming parties

Giving recipients a plant signifies growth and prosperity, whereas cut flowers are temporary. Or think everyday household supplies - such as light bulbs, batteries, garden tools and utensils – as these items are also great gifts as they are often forgotten gems. Your “time & service” too is welcome such as offering to help paint a room, clean, or do some gardening.