Rules of Valet Parking

Valet parking is a luxury that many people take for granted. While it seems that everyone wants excellent service, few are willing to give extra dollars for superb labor. Here, then, are five rules for valet parking.


1. Remove all distractions.

Turn off the navigation, put your cell phone in your pocket or purse, and focus on the attendant. Removing all distractions will ensure that directions are followed and the process goes smoothly.


2. Look the attendant in the eye.

He is not just someone who fetches your vehicle. He is a person who deserves your undivided attention and respect. Make eye contact with the attendant and address him by name when feasible.


3. Present a clean car.

Your truck or car may be like your second home, but the valet shouldn’t know that. Put everything in the back/trunk and present the attendant with a clean car so that he doesn’t have to worry about damaging your valuables.


4. Tip according to the level of service.

It is generally a good idea to give the attendant a tip just for parking your car. After all, they are making your life easier by taking care of your vehicle. An attendant who goes above the call of duty by going back to your car to retrieve something that you left should get more in the way of tipping. In fact, anything beyond parking your car deserves more money.


5. Learn the ways of gratuity.

Some restaurants and hotels allow for credit card tipping while others only let their valet attendants receive gratuity in cash. It is essential that you call in advance to ensure that you are well-prepared to tip your server.