Parents Lip-locking With Kids? How Much Public Affection is Too Much?

One thing that parents want kids to take away from their relationship is love. No matter how old the children get, mom and dad want them to know how much passion they have for them. Such is the reason why moms work long hours to give their kids great birthday parties, and why toddlers can get that extra piece of cake from dad. Love is the driving force behind all of these parental efforts. So is love also the driving force behind parents showing very public displays of affection that include kissing adult children on the lips? Well, yes.


In certain cultures…

Parents are very hands-on. Kissing is a part of everyday life, and a father who lip-locks with his daughter that is 30-years-old is not taboo. Although the United States is considered a melting pot of cultures, we haven’t quite reached that point where a father kissing his adult daughter on the lips is looked at as “normal.”


What are the rules?

Kissing kids on the lips in public should begin to dwindle during the early stages of childhood. While it is cute to see parents showing such affection during the first five years, kissing teenagers and adult children on the lips – in public - is an uncomfortable sight for many regardless of your at-home normalcy and family dynamic.


We must remember that we are judged by the way we behave. It is, therefore, important to be mindful of how we may be perceived as a result of our actions.