Regifting Secrets

You shouldn’t have to keep gifts that you don’t want. No matter what others may say, exchanging or even giving away a present doesn’t make you any less of a grateful person. When it comes to regifting, however, there’s a certain way that you must conduct the act so as to avoid awkwardness and negative talk. Here are three secrets to the art of repurposing presents.


Secret #1: Never regift in the same social circle

You will lose a friend, and possibly gain an enemy, if she finds out that you gave her thoughtful present to someone else. Keep a log of the items that you receive during special occasions and ensure that whomever you present the unwanted product to is not connected to the giver.


Secret #2: Gift wrap with intent

Make sure that all nametags, tape, and wrapping paper is removed. Then, select a cute basket and decorative tissue paper that matches the present. Since you are not purchasing the gift, why not go all out and buy a nice basket and colorful decorating paper?


Secret #3: Make sure the repurposed gift is new

The name of the game is regifting, not hand-me-downs. It is incredibly insulting to present someone with an item that you have used and no longer desire. Remember that the essence of regifting is to pass along something that is beautiful, yet of little use in your household. This isn’t the time to find “any old thing” and give it to a loved one.