Don’t You Dare Look Down! Smartwatch Etiquette for the Unknowing

Apple watches are steadily becoming the trend in the workplace. More professionals are investing in the gadget that lets you check time, emails, and make calls from your phone. So few of these new users, however, understand proper etiquette when using smartwatches. Here are three rules that you should abide by when using Apple watches in a business setting


Rule #1: Person-to-person conversation overrules email chats

Would you begin responding to a message sent by way of email in the middle of a conversation if you were reading the correspondence on a standard computer? Why, then, would you feel the need to respond just because notification of new mail appears on your smartwatch? Give the person in front of you undivided attention and ignore the email that will be waiting for you when the conversation has concluded.


Rule #2: Don’t use your watch to end a discussion

Respectfully express your sentiments if a conversation gets awkward. Do not use your watch as a cop out. Your body language will always give you away anyway, so it’s just best to be honest.


Rule #3: Give the gift of silence

Hearing a smartwatch ring during a critical time at work is just as annoying as a cell phone piercing the silence of hard work. Make sure that your device is either silenced or set to vibrate.