Cost Effective Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is no fun when you can’t find a gift that fits your budget. It’s not like you don’t love your dad. It’s just that your debt-to-income ratio is so high that an extravagant gift would push the budget over the edge. Not to worry! Here are a few cost-effective ideas for Father’s Day that will let dad know that you love him without breaking the bank.


A Shirt Design ($2-$15)

Purchase a plain white or colored shirt, add a bit of tube/writable fabric paint with writing that expresses how much you appreciate him, and give the creation to dad. He will be grateful for the time and effort put into the gift, and you will save at least $10.00.


Baking Cookies ($10-$20)

Food is always in order on Father’s Day. Instead of taking dad out, consider baking him a dozen of cookies and placing them in a tin can designed especially for the holiday. Cookie dough can cost as little as $2.00 per dozen and a tin can may be as cheap as $10.00.


The Duct Tape Wallet ($10-$20)

So you can’t afford to buy dad a state-of-the-art wallet, huh? Create a money holder with duct tape! Choose one or several colors of tape and wrap it around cardboard for a wallet that is innovative in all forms. It is probably a good idea to shape the cardboard like a wallet before applying adhesive so that the duct tape serves as more of decoration.