The 5 Golden Rules of Summertime Wear

Summer months bring out the best in us. It seems as though the constant sunshine renders an extra boost of confidence that makes us want to show and tell all. While there is nothing wrong with wearing light and carefree attire when hanging out with family members and friends, coming to the office in full-fledged summer wear may get you in trouble. Here, then, are five rules for etiquette when modifying your look to fit the warm months at work.

1.     Choose your wardrobe meticulously.

There is nothing worse than attire that screams, “I just woke up and threw this together.” You should be careful to portray the type of image that gets you taken seriously in the workplace. Spaghetti straps with shorts may not be the best attire for a stock brokerage firm, just in case you were wondering.

2.     Consider the environment in which you work.

While spaghetti straps may not be appropriate for a stock brokerage firm, they fit right into the atmosphere of a company that places the arts at its helm. Be mindful, then, of the type of environment that you work in and dress accordingly.

3.     Put more effort into your attire.

You are not dressing for a day at the beach with friends. Your attire should be well conceptualized and detail oriented.

4.     Do not show too much skin.

Remember that your outfit should not be a distraction but rather add to your professional appeal.

5.     There is a difference between outerwear and innerwear.

Your summer wardrobe for work should reflect that of innerwear and not look like clothes that you would wear to the park.