About Dieting Etiquette

Summer is here and many of us are looking for ways to put our best foot forward. In addition to hitting the gym several times per week, you or a friend may consider dieting. Here are a few rules for etiquette to follow.

For Friends:

1.     You should never do or say anything to discourage the dieter. They are cutting back on calories for a reason and you, as a friend, should render full support.

2.     It is never a good idea to ask about weight loss. Perhaps they fell off the wagon and are a bit ashamed of the weight that they have gained. Do you really want to add to their humiliation by inquiring about this week’s weight loss?

3.     Sensitivity is key when you are preparing a meal for a friend who is trying to make more healthy choices nutritionwise.


For Dieters:

1.     Do not criticize friends who you feel need to diet too. Remember that your decision to make more wholesome choices in the nutrition department is your own.

2.     Do not force others to follow your diet. Respect their wishes to eat meat even if you are fasting from protein.

3.     Share your weight loss goals with family members and friends so that they can hold you accountable when your choices are not healthy.