Breaking Up is Hard To Do: How To Say Goodbye to a Friend

They were your partner in crime in high school, and you both vowed to be best friends forever in college. Now it seems that such promise was unwise since the two of you have grown apart and argue more often than you agree on things. A well- known quote…”Friends can come into your life for a “reason” or a “season.” You know that the time to part ways has come, but how do you break up with a friend?  


Be gentle

It’s not a bad idea to seek counsel from loved ones who do not know the friend you are planning to divorce. They can give you unbiased advice that can help you gently break the news to your former pal, always wishing him/her well in the future and honoring in remembrance your past memories. 


Let the end be the end

Politely tell your friend that your interests have grown apart, and the relationship needs to come to an end. Do not say that you need a “break” since you have no intention of reconciling in the future.


Stay away

Too many times people end a toxic relationship only to return to the person a few months later. Do yourself a favor and refrain from this behavior. You decided to bring the friendship to an end for a reason. Use the energy that you have reserved for reconciling to make new acquaintances. If you should run into one another at a social event, always be polite and cordial, but be careful about being pulled back into an ongoing relationship again.