Elaine Swann on Kicking and Screaming: Premieres March 9

Watch me brave the jungle on FOX's new reality competition series, Kicking and Screaming. This by far was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. I left my supportive husband and traveled to Fiji to take on one of the biggest challenges of my life (so far). After 11 years of being a STALKER to TV and news producers, hundreds of appearances on talk & news shows, developing a NATIONALLY recognizable brand and sacrificing too many things to mention here, it FINALLY happened.  Last year, out of the blue, I received a phone call (yes, an actual phone call) from producers asking me to participate in a new reality show for FOX. I said YES!

So, mark your calendars for March 9th at 9pm to see me in the FOX’s newest competition series Kicking and Screaming (Take a look at the clip below). Why that name? Because I was flown to Fiji, paired up with expert survivalist, left in the JUNGLE and we had to compete in a series of challenges to try to win $500,000! It was HARD and yes, I wanted to kick and scream at a lot of people.   In my personal and professional life, I have WORKED very hard, remained COMMITTED and ENDURED some difficult challenges. Seems as though all of that got me prepared for this show (LOL).

Check back often because we're going to share information on a viewing party for the premier and virtual viewing parties you can have in your hometown. Tune in Thursday March 9 at 9pm for the premiere of the show. Cheer me on and see how the Etiquette Lady did in the jungle (I asked God to enlarge my territory but I didn’t expect it to stretch as far as Fiji)!


I left my husband and went from this...

I left my husband and went from this...

...to having to endure this. Yikes!!!

...to having to endure this. Yikes!!!

Almost Christmas: Are you Ready to Deal with your Family?

Since it's almost Christmas we should really begin to think about how we are going to deal with the crazy that comes with our family. No matter how dignified you are we all have at least ONE relative who can get a little out of hand.  I recently stopped by CW6 in San Diego to promote the new film Almost Christmas. It's in theaters tomorrow  starring Danny Glover, Gabrielle Union, Monique and many more. This movie has got the total combination of family, fun and lot of crazy. I also shared my tips on how to deal with the crazy with a bit of grace and style. Many of the tips came straight from my book Let Crazy Be Crazy. Take a look at the clip from my interview below and then go see the hilarious movie Almost Christmas with your family. 

My visit to Tonight in San Diego

I had an absolute blast chatting it up on the talk show Tonight in San Diego. The host Jesse Egan was so funny and really made my visit enjoyable. I gave him some on-the-fly etiquette tips and he was such a good sport about it. Prior to taping the show in front of a live studio audience, I visited the writers of the show to help them with their office manners. Take a look at the segment below:

About Dieting Etiquette

Summer is here and many of us are looking for ways to put our best foot forward. In addition to hitting the gym several times per week, you or a friend may consider dieting. Here are a few rules for etiquette to follow.

For Friends:

1.     You should never do or say anything to discourage the dieter. They are cutting back on calories for a reason and you, as a friend, should render full support.

2.     It is never a good idea to ask about weight loss. Perhaps they fell off the wagon and are a bit ashamed of the weight that they have gained. Do you really want to add to their humiliation by inquiring about this week’s weight loss?

3.     Sensitivity is key when you are preparing a meal for a friend who is trying to make more healthy choices nutritionwise.


For Dieters:

1.     Do not criticize friends who you feel need to diet too. Remember that your decision to make more wholesome choices in the nutrition department is your own.

2.     Do not force others to follow your diet. Respect their wishes to eat meat even if you are fasting from protein.

3.     Share your weight loss goals with family members and friends so that they can hold you accountable when your choices are not healthy. 

The 5 Golden Rules of Summertime Wear

Summer months bring out the best in us. It seems as though the constant sunshine renders an extra boost of confidence that makes us want to show and tell all. While there is nothing wrong with wearing light and carefree attire when hanging out with family members and friends, coming to the office in full-fledged summer wear may get you in trouble. Here, then, are five rules for etiquette when modifying your look to fit the warm months at work.

1.     Choose your wardrobe meticulously.

There is nothing worse than attire that screams, “I just woke up and threw this together.” You should be careful to portray the type of image that gets you taken seriously in the workplace. Spaghetti straps with shorts may not be the best attire for a stock brokerage firm, just in case you were wondering.

2.     Consider the environment in which you work.

While spaghetti straps may not be appropriate for a stock brokerage firm, they fit right into the atmosphere of a company that places the arts at its helm. Be mindful, then, of the type of environment that you work in and dress accordingly.

3.     Put more effort into your attire.

You are not dressing for a day at the beach with friends. Your attire should be well conceptualized and detail oriented.

4.     Do not show too much skin.

Remember that your outfit should not be a distraction but rather add to your professional appeal.

5.     There is a difference between outerwear and innerwear.

Your summer wardrobe for work should reflect that of innerwear and not look like clothes that you would wear to the park.