Posh Party Tips For Your Super Bowl Party


Are you hosting a party for the Super Bowl game this Sunday?  Just because your party is centered on a tough sport like football your guests do not have to tough it out during your time together.  Create an environment that is stylish and inviting while still being relaxed enough to enjoy the big game.

Know your guests. Make sure you check with your guests to see if they have any specific dietary restrictions and if so then it's best to plan your meal accordingly.

Spice up the food presentation.  Don't just open a bag of chips and set it on the counter or rip off the lid of your store bought hot wings and serve them from there.  You can use colorful bowls and serving platters to spice up your presentation and make your food station look appealing.

Make it fun for the kids.  The big game day is a great family affair. Have something fun for the kids to do.  Whether it's creating an arts and crafts station for the little ones or tasking the older ones with documenting the day movie style using their cell phones.

Have enough seating available. Make sure all of your guests are able to sit at some point in time or another. All of your chairs do not have to match pulling chairs from other rooms is perfectly fine. The important thing is to allow your guests to sit.
Have the game on in at least two rooms.  One room can be designated for your laid back crowd and another for the more rowdy bunch.

Have enough food.  Make sure you are purchasing enough food to host all of the guests that you have invited. Running out of food and leaving your guests hungry is a big host faux pas.

Plan for a designated driver. In the event that some of your guests have a bit much to drink, you want to be sure that you are responsible for those who leave your home. If you don’t designate someone to drive then have a cab company on standby or access to Uber car service.


At least know which teams are playing. Even if you are not really that into the game it's good to know which two teams are playing against one another.  Being absolutely clueless is not a good look.

Don’t over do it if you're rooting for the opposing team…of the host. I've seen people nearly get kicked out of the host’s home for just going too far.

Don't be a distraction during the commercials. One of the highlights of the Super Bowl game is to watch the commercials. It is not the time for you to chit chat and make a bunch of background noise. Take your sideline conversation to another room during the commercials so the folks that want to see them can enjoy them.

No double dipping. This is an absolute ‘No’.  For most game day food selections you'll have items that will need to be dipped. Dipping your food back in the communal container is gross, disrespectful and can really be highly offensive. Place whatever you are dipping onto your personal plate and enjoy it from there.

Don't be a slob. When visiting someone else's home simply clean up after yourself.  You don't have to get down and dirty and start scrubbing dishes but you should be mindful of where you're leaving your plate and glasses.