8 Funtastic Beach, Poolside and BBQ Tips for 4th of July Etiquette

On the Beach


1. Choose your spot wisely.
If you have small children try setting up near another family with small children rather than someone without. Families with kids are more tolerant of the occasional little-one meltdown.

2. Don’t be a sand kicker
When walking, if the sand is cool enough, remove your flip flops. If  you have to wear flip flops, be mindful of kicking sand onto others as you pass by.

3. Keep the party in your area
Be considerate with smoke from your BBQ grill and loud music. Keep an eye on the body language of your neighbors and check in on them every so often by asking if they’re disturbed at all.


At the Pool

4. Don’t be a space hog
You shouldn’t park your stuff on top of multiple lounge chairs to hold your belongings. Use what’s absolutely necessary so others can have a chair too.

5. Control your teens.
We always keep a mindful eye on our little ones, but don’t forget about your teenage kids. Too much roughhousing and screaming can become quite annoying to other pool visitors. So be sure to set some ground rules about consideration for others before you go.

6. Wear family-friendly swimwear
What you choose to wear on a tropical romantic/exotic vacation may not work so well at a pool. Things are a bit more live and close up and with the holiday you’ll have more families present. Save the red-hot look for another time and opt for more family-friendly swimwear.

Back Yard BBQ

7. Back away from the grill
If you are not the host, don’t touch the grill. Imagine the response if you walked into someone’s kitchen while they were cooking and started stirring the food in their pots and flipping food on the stove. You might get smacked with the spatula. Well, the same thing applies here. Whether a male or female is tending the grill, unless you are asked to do so, back away from the grill and just enjoy the party.

8. Serve it up with style
There is nothing wrong with eating on paper plates should you choose to do so. But you can  consider adding a little flair to the festivities by using dishes and glasses for your guests. This works well for smaller parties and you don't have much to clean up afterwards. If you choose to go with paper products, you can spice up your presentation by using  festive platters and beverage containers. Have fun, theme it out, and make your guests feel special.