What to do if you said 'Yes' to a wedding, but then can't attend

This past week in May, Elaine spoke to “Huffpost” about how to cancel an RSVP to a wedding when another thing comes up,

“A good back-up plan would be to call someone within the family or the wedding party and ask them to pass along the message as well,” etiquette expert Elaine Swann founder of the Swann School Of Protocol said.”

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Wedding Etiquette

Recently Elaine spoke with KTLA 5 about wedding etiquette,

“From gifts to guest lists, weddings come with a lot of questions. Certified etiquette consultant and founder of the Swann School of Protocol, Elaine Swann, answered viewer-submitted questions about proper wedding behavior.”

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How to stop oversharing and to stop others from doing it to

In January, Elaine spoke with Market Watch about dealing with people who overshare and how to catch yourself from oversharing,

To draw a boundary, “just very gently say to them, ‘That’s not something that I want to discuss right now,’ or ‘That’s not something I’m comfortable talking about — can we change the subject?’” etiquette expert Elaine Swann said. 

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The "Duchess slant" and etiquette

This past January, Elaine spoke with the Ottawa Citizen paper about the craze around Meghan Markle,

“If I post anything related to Meghan on social media, it gets serious traction. Individuals are contacting me about classes. Girls want tea parties, and women want to look more polished. It’s certainly happening, and it’s exciting.”

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The office pool in Powerball

Just this last March, Elaine spoke with USA Today about the Powerball drawings and how to say no when the office wants to pool together:

The etiquette expert says that if you want to opt out when your co-workers pony up, be brutally honest without being brutal. "Just say, 'not this time' or 'perhaps next time,' and smile when you say it."

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