Hang up and Drive - Chevy Malibu

Best Feature: The way it looked, sporty and cute.

Worst Feature: I can never really find one

Techno Features? XM Radio and all the GM Goodies. Loves it!

Girl Friendly? Yes not big and bulky.

Trunk Space? Surprisingly, yes there's a decent amount.

My Take: I really had fun with this car. It was a good fit for me. It hugged the road well but had a lot of power behind it. Strong car - if that make sense to you. I felt like I was driving my own car not that "opps excuse me, I'm overwhelmed, this in my husband's car" type feeling.

How many folks I saw that need to hang up and drive? I'm really sick of this folks, pay attention to the road! - 14

See, I fit right in