Etiquette Camp For Kids

My next event is an etiquette camp for kids.

Monday, June 27 to Friday, July 1, 2011 in San Marcos

The camp is for both boys and girls, grades K - 5.

Each session lasts one hour. Modules covered in this program include; Personal Conduct and Style, Personal Development, Technology, Adult Interaction, Everyday Etiquette, Mealtime Manners, Effective Verbal and Written Communication. Culminates with a pizza party where children eat pizza with a knife and fork.

For more information and to register click on the link below.

Football Moms and Manners

I recently interviewed former Raiders defensive end Jay Richardson and his mom Deborah Johnson for my blog on They were both a breath of fresh air to chat with. What a great mom and son duo!

Deborah Jackson mother of former Oakland Raiders defensive end Jay Richardson mom was just crowned the new spokesperson for Campbell’s Soup heart health campaign. Both Jay and Deborah have made it their mission to use their own success to help fledging athletes and sports moms across the nation. In this candid interview they share why their recipe for success includes family support, a clear plan, and a healthy dose of good manners. Continue reading

New Year - Same You...Just Better

Happy New year folks. It's about now we all get wind under our feet and decide to turn over a new leaf, do some things different, be better. It is possible... for the first few months then kuput!!! We loose steam and in many instances we just quit.

Don't beat your self up, just jump back up dust yourself off and start over again. Don't be so hard on yourself and don't be hard on others.

A couple of really popular "Resolutions" for the New Year is one, the lose weight commitment and two, get that work out going. Ive got some etiquette tips for both.
Read my, Sweatiquette - Using Your Manners at the Gym. And another great resource is Delightful Dieting - for the Dieter and Their Friends. They're sure to help in your endeavor toward a better you.
Read on Enjoy and be well!