Shine at any Business or Social Event Part #1

When you attend various events for networking it sometimes can be difficult to navigate through the entire process. Figuring out what to wear and even what to say can be a bit challenging. The following are a few quick tips that can help you shine as you Eat, Drink, Talk and Mingle.

Whether you are in a business or social situation, always dress appropriately. Find out in advance what the attire for the event is. If you’re ever unsure, always dress in moderation. Choose something that’s not too dressy and not too causal. A middle of the road wardrobe choice is great.

Question of the Week

I received this question this past week. Since wedding season is gearing up I though it would be nice to share this one with you.

Dear Elaine,
Do you take a wedding gift to "fish Fry" honoring the couple and how do I dress for this event?


Hello Samantha,

Since the “Fish Fry” is in honor of the new couple it would be a good idea to bring a gift. Find out if they have registered somewhere and if not then pick a thoughtful gift out on your own.

Keep in mind regardless of the style of event the purpose remains the same – to honor the newlyweds so wedding etiquuette would dictate that a gift would certainly be in order.

This sounds like a causal event but because of the occasion I’d suggest bumping it up a half a notch. For example rather than wearing denim shorts perhaps you can choose a denim skirt and cute top. Or you could even wear a nice “summer” dress with cute flat sandals.

Here's a few examples:

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