Who Does That?

Talk about social a faux pas!! Where's the manners in this one? So you somehow come across some photos of a recent PRIVATE wedding of a young girl you know(you just happen to be more close to her mom's age than hers). And you decide to take it upon yourself to contact the BRAND NEW bride and tell her a thing or two about how you thought you were "part of elite people" that would get invited to the wedding. You ream her about how you "thought you were close to the family" and how bad you feel about not being invited blah, blah, blah.

Who does that?!!!!

The NEW BRIDE then has to explain to you (again) that it was a PRIVATE wedding. And only family and her very close friends (in her age group) were invited.

Okay "Elite" one. Where is the "congratulations on your marriage" or "Best Wishes" or "I'm happy for you". UGH!!

Folks if you are not invited to a (PRIVATE) wedding. Get over it!! Be kind, use good manners, and say something nice. Hey here's a great idea! You can just say nothing at all! How about that? Oh, and stop thinking so highly of yourself. It is so not about you, it's about the Bride and Groom starting off a new life together.