Etiquette Class for Girls

After reciving several requests about whether or not I host regular workshops for girls, we finally figured out how to fit it into my schedule.

So starting April 7, 2010 I will host an 8-week session for girls ages 9 - 13 in my Oceanside office. This will be the only etiquette class for girls this age that I will provide for the 2010 calendar year. Next is teen girls followed by a class for boys. Afterwards you can find me at events hosted by local schools, civic and social organizations.

To learn more about this exclusive opportunity visit my website.

Oceanside Harbor Days

This weekend I covered a two-day event, Harbor Days in Oceanside. Here's the website with the information. Later I'll post a link for you to see once the show airs. Right now my feet hurt, I'm tired and sun burned (yes black folks do burn). In this picture I'm doing my final outro. I'm actually at the end of the two days and the end of my wits.

Etiquette Expert Opinion: I don't know I'm too tired to think...goodnight.