The Duchess

Protocol, prim, and proper. Last night I saw a screening of the film The Duchess starring Keria Knightely. Prior to the film we there was a tea and dessert reception in the theater lobby. I also host a teble setting contest where movie goers (women) raced against one anther to see who could set a table the fastest and correctly. It was fun. Well fun watching. Good job ladies!!!

I really enjoyed the film especially since it was based on a true story. Needless to say the whole protocol thing had me intrigued. I left wanting to more about Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. So now I'm pouring over the Internet reading so much. Interesting story.

Oh there was all of about 4 men at the screening and it seemed as thought they had no choice but to attend. I though that was funny. Girls take a ladies night out and go see this film. It's a great story, the costumes are amazing. Yes definitely an Oscar next year for that. You'll leave want to to learn more about the people and this era.

Etiquette Expert Opinion: Keep a limit on your house guests stay. Set a time to stay and an exact time to leave.