Eva Longoria - Fat or Pregnant?

Is is really any of our business this early in the game?

Weeks ago during and interview Le Grand Journal with her husband Tony Parker, Eva Longoria Parker was asked if the was pregnant. People are still wondering and still asking.

"I'm just fat" was her reply. Funny thing is I get it - celeb lives tend to be open for public inquires and scrutiny. But really though, this line of questioning is a bit gauche.

Okay, here's a great tip on womanhood: Most women prefer to wait until they've completed their first trimester before making their pregnancy public. Some choose to do this for all sorts of medical reasons. Oh and this includes civilians - not just celebrity women.

So don't be shocked when folks just evade the question or out right pull an Ashlee Simpson and plain ol' lie (I knew she was pregnant!). Women have their "personal" reasons for wanting to hold off.

Etiquette Expert Opinion: If you come across someone who looks a bit pregnant (as Mrs. Parker does in the photo above) and they haven't taken the liberty to share it with you YET then for the moment it's none of your business. Keep that question to yourself and let them tell the good news when they're good and ready.

Oh and my girly opinion? We just have to wait aand see!