Question of the Week

I received this question this past week. Since wedding season is gearing up I though it would be nice to share this one with you.

Dear Elaine,
Do you take a wedding gift to "fish Fry" honoring the couple and how do I dress for this event?


Hello Samantha,

Since the “Fish Fry” is in honor of the new couple it would be a good idea to bring a gift. Find out if they have registered somewhere and if not then pick a thoughtful gift out on your own.

Keep in mind regardless of the style of event the purpose remains the same – to honor the newlyweds so wedding etiquuette would dictate that a gift would certainly be in order.

This sounds like a causal event but because of the occasion I’d suggest bumping it up a half a notch. For example rather than wearing denim shorts perhaps you can choose a denim skirt and cute top. Or you could even wear a nice “summer” dress with cute flat sandals.

Here's a few examples:

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