Hanging With Some Sassy City Chicks

I had the great opportunity to hang with some very special ladies at the Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash.
This event was a shoppers dream with huge discounts on designer clothes and jewelry. So I did what any sassy lady would do.

I shopped...

And I shopped...

And I shopped!
This is me with my Wardrobe Stylist Yolanda Shepherd of YStyle. I'm trying on a top from Kendall K. (UPDATE) I later wore this on a FOX5 News segment.

Complimentary cocktails were served all evening and attendees were chauffeured in a spin around town in their choice of several Chevy vehicles. As a member of the media, I had the privilege to test drive the 2012 Chevy Volt. What an amazing car. And it's so great on gas. It gets 400 Miles per gallon. That equals a ton of trips picking up the kids and running errands. Okay...so now I want one!

I was given a great goody bag with amazing products and samples. I was most excited about the beautiful necklace from the Love is a Devil collection.

I visited their booth and was blown away by the romantic and edgy look of thier design.
The designers, Alana Crain and Sharie Ellis who met at FIDM, say they createed thier line for the girl who knows what she wants, knows he own style, is confident and doesn't mind getting a little attention.
Their jewerly is so flattering they both have, at times, sold a piece right off their neck!

The name comes from thier play on words light/dark, happy/sad, and love/hate. You can find this jewrely line in selecct boutiquets arond town on online HERE.

Here I am with the two fab ladies. We are all wearing their design (l) Sharie Ellis (r) Alana Crain.

These lovely ladies purchased their tickets for the event on Groupon. How cool! Jenny L. Erica H. and Amy T. are students at UCSD.

They told me they came to the event to find unique things
and most importantly the wanted to get a bargin!

I found just the neatest thng for a sassy city chick's tired feet. Fold Flops! They're portable flip flops that come in a cute litte bag. They're great for travel, to keep in your car, or in your bag when out shopping.

I met the inventor/designer Mary Kiser. She has an amazing story where she quit her corprate job and went after her dream of owning her own business.

She's created an amazing item that all women can use at one time or another. Kudos to you Mary!

(UPDATE) I featured this great item in my travel segment on FOX5 News.

A great time was had by all. You can find more pictures from the event on our website elaineswann.com.

A big thank you goes out to Shauna Sichi of Weber Shandwick for inviting me to the event. I met some great ladies and had an awesome time!

A little shopping etiquette tip for you sassy ladies... Avoid talking and texting on your cell phone when finalizing your purchase. Your sales assistant will really appreciate your undivided attention!

Vist the SassyCityChicks website to see when their next event will be in your city!