Jane Fonda has an Opps-a-Daisy Moment

Okay, so Meredith Vieira is interviewing Jane Fonda on the Today show along with Eve Ensler, the creator of the Vagina Monologues and the V-Day movement. She (Jane) tells Meredith that she originally did not want to be in the play because they wanted her "to do a monologue called c***" Watch the clip.

What I find is HILARIOUS how time has helped Jane go from not wanting to say that little word in a theater to feeling oh-so-comfortable enough to say it on national television to millions of viewers. Too funny!!!!

Okay, so yes it was one of those icky words and definitely the wrong time to say it. But how many times have we let something slip out of our mouths and before we could finish we realized it was a mistake? How about asking that girl friend if she's pregnant only to find out she's just gained a little weight around the middle? Mortifying huh? Well I do have a couple of tips to help you get out of on of those Opps-a-Daisey situations:

1. Take some sort of action immediately. Jane didn't realize her mistake while on air but on her way out of the studio when it was brought to her attention, she graciously apologized and kept it stepping. Had she not addressed it and went into hiding it'd be a bigger mess today. Which brings me to my next point:

2. Get over it quickly. Don't dwell on the blunder; you'll bring too much attention to it. That pregnancy comment I mentioned earlier? Once you apologize move on, the more you talk about it or keep apologizing the longer you actually stay on the subject. CHANGE IT!!! You'll all be the better for it.